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What people say - Customer Feedback

Let's share some customer experience!

Michael from Germany

Using HPULN modules to replace the stock regulators of my RME UCX, the output noise increased by about +-20mV. Replacing some switching regulation components, most of the switching frequencies are not measurable anymore.

And the most important: The difference is very clearly audible. While I could hear noise between tracks before, I need to glue my ear on my speakers, even on my sensitive full range speakers. Sound is absolutely more present now, especially voices seem to get out of the speakers. I didn't expect it to improve the UCX that much, it's a complete new audible experience, which makes me have to hear all my music once more again.

Which regulators did I replace: Main 12V power supply, 3,3V and 5,0V for the DAC's and +-14V for the opamps.

And not to forget: Thanks to MPAudio for outstanding support and patience!

Jean-Michel from France

On the Jplay ethernet card, going to double regulation. The main benefit is since you get a much more quiet and stable power supply, the music seems to play on a darker background. Giving more body and life to the music and to all the very tiny signal who increase the credibility of the reproduction. It is like if in photography you are shooting a photography with darker background, this will increase the contrast of your photography giving it more life .


On the E-red dock, I was quite surprised with the results. The combination of Sxxx and Uxxxxx has always been my top PSU for small signals… But on my test I did prefer the ALS-HPULN double regulation board…

On music with voices, I felt that the voices were more human, again I felt the background was darker giving more life to the very tiny changes the singer put in his voices, this giving better feeling. Of course we are talking about very small differences but they do count at this level of excellent music reproduction.

On very busy music with lots of instrument, I felt again the ALS was better giving more informations and giving ability to better distinguish each instrument or what the musicians were doing, with the Sxxx/Uxxxxx combo it was more confuse.

All that was a surprise to me as I did not expect the ALS to be better than my existing PSU combo.

Martin from Germany

Set to 13.2V, my HPULN power supply, powered by your application-matched custom made „Audio Grade“ transformer, supplies my LYNX HILO and the LT Dante slot.

Better defined stage in the width, more micro details, longer reverbs, "faster" approach and contoured bass audible after the first turning-on my setup with the HPULN power supply.

In terms of depth, rich tones, transients and rest, the HPULN power supply would initially be inferior to the Zxxxxxxx.

After correct phase out and a 72-hour break-in time, I must say that the PSU represents a huge improvement compared to the Zxxxxxxx Sxx:

Breathtaking width and depth, most natural tones, warmth and clarity, never thickened or slender - just right! In addition, I hear a tremendous amount of detail, power in the sound and an „unheard silence“.

Perhaps the big increase is therefore that, in addition to the DAC, the Dante card with its three clocks is now supplied with the extremely clean voltage of the HPULN.

IMHO there are tonal worlds between the HILO with its integrated switching power supply or a proper linear power supply and the HILO with a HPULN PS, which usually have to be bought much more expensive.

Michael from Denmark

After adjusting... solid as a rock.


I thought that my own LD1084 based supplies were quite decent, but when using them combined with your LT3045 board, the sound quality is now on a whole new level.

I'm feeding switch, DAC, PC with your regulators and on my dirt cheap Topping D50 Dac the improvement is unbelievable...

Right now I just need to enjoy you regulator, and play some music.

Thanks for a great dialog and hopefully more with discover that Clean Power is a very important thing in the Digital Domain.

Constantin from Germany

I just got it working and it works perfekt! The transformer is absolutely quiet... unbelievable!

Philippe from France

I had more than enough time to fully test my two single HPULNs, allowing optimal burning time! 

All I can say is I am very happy with the results and I can only agree with the comments left by other users.

For the other (5v), after trying the trafo (30va 6v) I had on hand, I ended up going the HPULN as "second stage" with the DC out set to 5v to supply the OCXO clock that replaces the main clock of my motherboard. This was clearly the best configuration, giving a really big improvement in sound quality (great transparency, lively and airy sondstage, timbral rightness, etc, etc ). 

Krit from Thailand

Wow, all I could say that the boards in actual looks very beautiful, it would be a shame to put such beauty in case, so I am using it bare with some standoff. As for the sounds, now I am only using the HC-HPLN with my LPS (one the output) Vin@7V and Vout@6V (I adjusted it) feeing my UltraRendu network Renderer (drawing around 500-600mA). I could you say was WOW!!!! The sounds are amazing, blacker black ground, very good micro and macro details. The soundstage depth is also better. I am amazed at the improvements!

Larry from USA

Like the other LT3045 additions, SQ has taken another step up, with better clarity, lower noise floor, more extension with much deeper bass, and even more presence in a very natural way.

Every device in my system that can be powered with an LT3045, is now powered with a LT3045. Thanks to Michael for the terrific support.

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