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The transformer mounting screw is used to install the Audio Grade and the Premium Audio Grade transformers:


This screw can be used with the Audio Grade transformer, using the hole in the middle of the transformer.


The Premium Audio Grade transformer has an internal screw thread, so only the screw is needed (not the nut). Although the transformer can be mounted with a screw only (a separate individual spacer is needed to ensure enough space between the wires and the bottom of the enclosure), we recommend to mount the Premium Audio Grade transformer with the Mounting Pad - it improves the look and guarantees an appearance according to the highend quality of this transformer.


The content:

Transformer mounting screw (slottet, M6) with a washer and a nut.

Material: Brass / non magnetic

Length countersunk head screw: 80mm / 3.17"

Length pan head screw: 60mm / 2.36"


Only sold with transformers.

Transformer mounting screw

3,00 €Price
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