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Premium Audio Grade transformers for use with our HPULN power supplies, in amplifiers and other high-class audio devices.

Core and all windings are impregnated for best noise reduction. This transformer is vacuum encapsulated and epoxy filled in a polished, stainless steel case - it fulfills highest electronical and optical expectations. Further the Premium Audio Grade transformers are completely magnetically shielded on all sides of the transformer unit.

The Premium Audio Grade transformer can be directly mounted with an M6 screw, or with a mounting plate (optionally). The entire construction utilizes high-class, laboratory-tested parts. The steel case is completely blank for best visual appearance.


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Premium Audio Grade Transformer

84,00 €Price
  • Nominal power: 60VA

    Input voltage: 230VAC

    Output voltage: 2x 6VAC

    Insulation strength: 4kV

    Outer diameter: 105mm / 4.13"

    Height: 50mm / 1.97"

    Weight: 1,3Kg / 2.87lbs

  • Nominal power: 100VA

    Input voltage: 230VAC

    Output voltage: 2x 12VAC

    Insulation strength: 4kV

    Outer diameter: 115mm / 4.53"

    Height: 60mm / 2.36"

    Weight: 1,3Kg / 4.19lbs