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The MSW-HPULN PS (M-size, Single Rail, Wall mounted) is the LT3045 based HPULN (High Performance, Ultra Low Noise) power supply delivering up to 3 ampere. The module is kept in small dimensions for the use in small enclosures.

The module is mounted permanently on a 3mm aluminium bar (isolated), to be mounted on a heatsink with thermal grease with its whole surface for optimal heat dissipation. This also solves the challenge of heat dissipation using "on board heatsinks", which are limited due to the small dimensions of the PCB.


The MSW-HPULN PS is great to power DAC's, soundcards or other interfaces with a "medium" need of power.


Although 3 ampere might not be necessary in your application, the benefit of using 6x LT3045 in parallel operation reduces noise additionally.


As usual this power supply comes fully assembled and tested for seamless working.


For more information regarding heat and transformator recommandation please note the instructions in our FAQ.

MSW-HPULN PS Single Rail 3A

149,00 €Price
Colour: Black