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New version of the LSIB-HPULN Power Supply: With high quality foil caps (chosen for lowest leakage current, two in parallel for better ESR) to improve reference voltage, regulation precision and avoid any piezo effect!


Although the LSIB-HPULN PS is the "High Current" version of the "High Performance Ultra Low Noise" Power Supply delivering up to 5 ampere for power-hungry devices, the real benefit is the dramatically reduced noise through 10x LT3045 in parallel operation.

This current might not be necessary in your application, nonetheless this fact is worth this power supply to become our recommendation also for less power hungry devices.


The scope of application is a main power supply for any kind of devices with a need of up to 5 ampere, i.e.:

- Audio interfaces

- DAC's

- Small amplifiers

- Audio-Computers


With a bigger heatsink compared to other HPULN modules, the LSIB-HPULN is also capable to better dissipate heat from the regulators. In AC-powered setups the transformers secondary voltage should be chosen to generate a low voltage difference between input and output to keep heat low, in passive cooled setups with a good heat dissipation the module is able to dissipate max. 4W (less is better and recommended). Our measurements will be helpful here: Which transformer voltage should I choose?

MPAudio offers highest quality custom made transformers with individual secondary voltage for that purpose.

As usual this power supply comes fully assembled and tested for 24h to ensure seamless working. A helpful HowTo will be provided after a purchase.


Special features:


"Ideal Diode Bridge" rectification

What makes this LSIB-HPULN PS very special, is it's rectifier:

The LT4320 is an "Ideal Diode Bridge" controller that drives four MOSFET's resulting in reduced power dissipation and heat. 

Comparing to the Schottky's already very low voltage drop of ~ 0,4V, the MOSFETs with it's resistance of ~ 0,009 Ohm cause a negligible voltage drop only. This makes it possible to use smaller transformers regarding their output voltage and their power rating. See the picture above for a comparison between the "Ideal Diode Bridge" controlled HPULN and the known HPULN with Schottky diodes, like the ALS-HPULN.

Please notice, that the controller needs 9VDC to work, the used transformer should be chosen to match that need (in dependence to the application's current need).


Anti-transformer-ringing snubber

The LSIB-HPULN has a snubber option, which makes it possible to significantly reduce transformer ringing. The snubber consists of two capacitors and one resistor, that in combination match the transformer's characteristics.

Please see "Quasimodo PCB" for more information. In case of ordering this power supply with a transformer, the snubber will already be configured by MPAudio. In case it's ordered alone, the snubber can be set by the customer - we recommend to use the Quasimodo jig for that purpose, which makes it possible to realize a snubber without the effort of measurements and deep mathematical knowledge

The LSIB-HPULN power supply can also be used without a snubber. In this case the snubber is not assembled and can be activated for final setup by the customer.


For more information regarding heat and transformator recommandation please note the instructions in our FAQ&Blog.

LSIB-HPULN PS Single Rail 5A

165,00 €Price
PCB Colour: Black