Audio grade 60VA transformers for use with our HPULN power supplies, in amplifiers and other high-class audio devices.


Our new 60VA / 6VAC transformers are now presented as "Black Edition", using black resin for great appereance.

Unlike commercial power line transformers, the AUDIO GRADE version is covered with a black Mylar tape which gives it an aesthetic appearance. The epoxy filled center with an opening for the M6 screw eliminates a need for an additional mounting bracket. The neoprene gum pad affixed to the bottom successfully eliminates transmission of vibrations.The entire construction utilizes high-class, laboratory-tested parts. The core and the windings are impregnated, and the production process is being scrupulously controlled at every step.


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- advantages of our Audio Grade transformers.

- general benefits of our toroidal transformers.

Audio Grade Transformer 60VA

37,00 €Price
Output voltage
Input voltage
  • Nominal power: 60VA

    Input voltage: 230VAC

    Output voltage: 2x 12VAC

    Insulation strength: 4kV

    Outer diameter: 85mm / 3.35"

    Height: 34mm / 1.34"

    Weight: 0,7Kg / 1.55lbs