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The ALD-HPULN power supply (AC-input, L-size, Dual Rail) is the Dual Rail power supply, that can be used in three modi:

- Both rails can be used separately, i.e. to supply two separate devices.

- Setting a jumper, both rails become a dual polarity / symmetric (+-) power supply.

- Double the output voltage to +30V / 2,5A


I.e. for supply Buffers, OPA's, AD/DA-converter, preamplifiers, active crossovers and other devices with a need of a symmetric / balanced voltage.

The new version also benefits of "Low Noise capacitors" and of an improved design.


Anti-transformer-ringing snubber

The ALD-HPULN has a snubber option, which makes it possible to significantly reduce transformer ringing for both rails. Please see "Quasimodo PCB" for more information. In case of ordering this power supply with a transformer, the snubber will already be configured. In case it's ordered alone, the snubber can be set by the customer - we recommend to use the Quasimodo jig for that purpose.

The ALD-HPULN power supply can also be used without a snubber.


With a bigger heatsink mounted it is also capable to better dissipate heat from the regulators comparing to smaller HPULN-versions.


The scope of application is a main power supply for any kind of sensible devices with a need of up to 2,5 ampere per rail, i.e.:

- Audio interfaces

- DAC's

- Small amplifiers

- Audio Computers


As usual this power supply comes fully assembled and tested for seamless working.


For more information regarding heat and transformator recommandation please note the instructions in our FAQ.

ALD-HPULN PS Dual Rail 2x2,5A

194,00 €Price
PCB Colour
  • Dimensions: 101 x 51mm / 3.97 x 2.01"

    Input Voltage: max. <14VAC / <20VDC


    Height (without spacers): 52mm / 2.05"

    Output Voltage: Adjustable 0-<15VDC

    (Preadjusted to your desired output voltage)

    Output Current: max. 2,5A / rail


    Ultralow RMS Noise: 0.8µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz) per regulator

    Further reduced noise by 5x LT3045 in parallel operation per rail

    Ultralow Spot Noise: 2nV/√Hz at 10kHz

    Ultrahigh PSRR: 2x76dB at 1MHz

    High Bandwidth: 1MHz


    High quality parts only

    Low ESR capacitors

    Low TC resistors

    Aluminium-Polymer capacitors (OS-CON, K750)

    Soldered with silver alloy

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