The ALD-HPULN PS is the Dual Rail power supply, that can be used in three modi:

- Both rails can be used separately, i.e. for power two devices.

- Setting a jumper, both rails become a dual polarity / symmetric (+-) power supply.

- Double the output voltage to +30V / 2,5A


I.e. for supply Buffers, OPA's, AD/DA-converter, preamplifiers, active crossovers and other devices with a need of a symmetric / balanced voltage.

The new version also benefits of "Low Noise capacitors" and of an improved design.


Anti-transformer-ringing snubber

The ALD-HPULN has a snubber option, which makes it possible to significantly reduce transformer ringing for both rails. Please see "Quasimodo PCB" for more information. In case of ordering this power supply with a transformer, the snubber will already be configured. In case it's ordered alone, the snubber can be set by the customer - we recommend to use the Quasimodo jig for that purpose.

The ALD-HPULN power supply can also be used without a snubber.


With a bigger heatsink mounted it is also capable to better dissipate heat from the regulators comparing to the smaller HPULN-versions


The scope of application is a main power supply for any kind of sensible devices with a need of up to 2,5 ampere per rail, i.e.:

- Audio interfaces

- DAC's

- Small amplifiers

- Audio Computers


As usual this power supply comes fully assembled and tested for seamless working.


For more information regarding heat and transformator recommandation please note the instructions in FAQ.

ALD-HPULN PS Dual Rail 2x2,5A

194,00 €Price
PCB Colour
Input: AC or DC
  • Dimensions: 101 x 51mm / 3.97 x 2.01"

    Input Voltage: max. <14VAC / <20VDC


    Height (without spacers): 52mm / 2.05"

    Output Voltage: Adjustable 0-<15VDC

    (Preadjusted to your desired output voltage)

    Output Current: max. 2,5A / rail


    Ultralow RMS Noise: 0.8µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz) per regulator

    Further reduced noise by 5x LT3045 in parallel operation per rail

    Ultralow Spot Noise: 2nV/√Hz at 10kHz

    Ultrahigh PSRR: 2x76dB at 1MHz

    High Bandwidth: 1MHz


    High quality parts only

    Low ESR capacitors

    Low TC resistors

    Aluminium-Polymer capacitors (OS-CON, K750)

    Soldered with silver alloy