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What makes our transformers superior for audio application?

Transformers built to meet highest expectations

The entire construction utilizes high-class, laboratory-tested parts. The core and the windings are impregnated, and the production process is being scrupulously controlled at every step. Additional magnetic screening and the electric monitor of coated SYN-SHIELD copper tape between windings make the class AUDIO transformers one of the frontrunners in the area of safe use in the systems of electronic power supply.

Unlike commercial power line transformers, the Audio Grade version is covered with a black Mylar tape which gives it an aesthetic appearance. The epoxy filled center with an opening for the M6 screw eliminates a need for an additional mounting bracket. The neoprene gum pad affixed to the bottom successfully eliminates transmission of vibrations.

We guarantee noiseless performance and the highest electrical parameters.


Transformers for Audio applications

Toroidal transformers for audio are an extremely demanding product. That is why only highest quality materials and advanced technologies are used for toroidal transformers production:

1. Carefully selected silicon steel, with specially designed parameters, steel produced within an exceptional production cycle. The result is a transformer-core with directionally oriented grain (CRGOS - ColdRolled Grain Oriented Steel)

2. High purity drawn copper, that guarantees low losses due to the low resistance of the conductors.

3. The use of patented toroidal cores (AGTC Technologies) allowing for correct operation of the magnetic core under conditions of unidirectional DC current magnetization.

4. A special assembly method is used, resulting in no direct mechanical pressure exerted on the windings.

5. Static and magnetic shielding, implemented using the most modern materials.

6. Strict quality control, that takes place at every stage of production - measurements of voltage, current, frequency response and non-linear distortion under real working conditions - with a connected load.

Learn more about advantages of toroidal transformers.

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