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Can I use the SLS-HPULN power supply with a DC input?

Understanding the LT3045 based SLS-HPULN module

The SLS-HPULN power supply consists of "two rails in series", each can deliver up to 2.5 ampere from 5x LT3045 (parallel) regulators, resulting in an Ultrahigh PSRR of 76dB@1MHz for EACH rail. This is pretty good, so good that it doesn't make sense to power it with another regulator, an audio grade transformer is definitely a good decision to deliver power here. Nevertheless some customers have other concepts of recification or buffering power, in this case a rectifier / diode would waste power resulting in unnecessary heat. In this case one is good to decide for "DC" as an input option.

LT3045 based SLS-HPULN

Read also our blog "How to maximize PSRR" to understand more, how the SLS-HPULN power supply helps to reach this goal.

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