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How to achieve positive and negative voltage with a HPULN?

Find a power supply matching your individual application.

In many audio applications such as amplifiers, IC's or DAC's, a power supply with negative and positive voltage is necessary. While realizing a positive voltage is quite simple, there are different options how to achieve negative voltage. As dealing with a HPULN power supply with goals such as stability, precision and ultra low noise, we concentrate on a negative and positive voltage from an LT3045 regulated power supply in this blog.

The LT3045 is a positive regulator. While Analog Devices also launched the LT3094, a negative voltage regulator, MPAudio prefers to use the same regulator ro realize a positive and negative voltage. This guarantees exactly the same grade of quality for the positive and negative voltage.

For that purpose two power supplies are necessary, or one power supply with two separate rails - such as the ALD-HPULN power supply. Both power supplies / rails need to be connected in a specific way. Following configuration is needed before a startup:

- Independent power input

such as two application matching transformers or a transformer with two separate windings to power each rail separately. Two separate DC sources can be used instead as well, in case the HPULN shall be powered with a DC-source.

- Voltage adjustment

of each power supply / rail, resulting in two exactly the same output voltages. When a voltage of +-12VDC is needed, both power supplies / rails must be adjusted to +12VDC without the connection described below.

- Connection between both power supplies / rails

optimally directly on the output of both rails, which also represents the ground / 0V between both voltages. A connection between the positive voltage of one rail and negative voltage of the second rail is necessary, as shown in the scheme below, and it achieves a +/GND/- voltage using two positive regulators. This can easily be done with an ALD-HPULN - the jumpers between the output terminals need to be swapped from the horizontal to the vertical position, in relation to the scheme below. For other power supplies, such as two LSIB-HPULN's or ALS-HPULN's, a wire must connect both outputs in the same way..

- Negative and positive output

result in the connectors as shown in the scheme below.

Positive and Negative Voltage Output
Positive and Negative voltage with LT3045 - Connection Schema

More information, such as how to adjust voltage, are included in the HowTo, which is provided with a purchase of each HPULN module. If you have questions regarding your individual setup, feel free to contact us via chat or email.

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