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How to achieve higher output voltage with an LT3045 based HPULN module?

Find a power supply matching your individual application.

The LT3045 is a superb voltage regulator and offers features (such as absolute precision, stability and ultra low noise), that audio applications benefit from. Due to its limit of a maximum voltage output of 15VDC, the number of applications is limited, at least when one power supply / rail is used. To increase voltage to higher levels then 15VDC, two power supplies / rails are needed.

With this setup a voltage output of up to 30VDC is achievable.

Let's assume a voltage need of 19VDC for an audio computer.

Powered by separate secondary windings or two separate DC sources, both power supplies need to be adjusted to half the necessary voltage - so 9,5VDC each.

Connecting the positive output of power supply "1" to the GND of the power supply "2", a voltage of 19VDC is measureable between the negative output of power supply "1" and the positive output of power supply "2".

While voltage "doubles", the current stayes. An application of 19VDC/3A needs two L-size single rail modules in this example, both power supplies consume and deliver the same current, so 9,5VDC/3A. One can imagine that as "both halves of the voltage need to be powered with the whole current".

Increase voltage output higher then LT3045 limits
High voltage with LT3045 - Connection Schema

This picture shows an ALD-HPULN module. With its jumpers bridged a connection wire is not needed. Contact us, when you have any questions.

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