Difference between HPULN categories

HPULN PS's are categorized in three formats:

1. Category "Small"

- Very compact size with only very limited heatsink area

- Maximum of 1,5 ampere, but only few 100mA recommended for last term operations with lowest difference between VDCin and VDCout possible

- Replacing onboard regulators while mounting the small HPULN into the enclosure

- Powering converters, opamps, clocks etc.

2. Category "Medium"

- Compact size with a medium sized heatsink

- Up to 1,5 ampere (dual rail "D" version) and 3 ampere (single rail "S" version)

- Powering low to medium power hungry devices as main power supply

3. Category "Large"

- Enhanced size with a larger heatsink and better cooling capability

- Larger number of LT3045 installed with the benefit of less noise

- Up to 5 ampere

- Powering low to "larger" power hungry devices as a main power supply Important


- Use always the smallest secondary's VAC possible, in respect to enough voltage headroom under full load. Take a look into FAQ "Which transformer specifications should I go with?"

- Take a look into FAQ "How do I get my HPULN PS running a comfortable temperature?"