LT3045 based HPULN-PS

"High Performance Ultra Low Noise" Power Supplies

HPULN power supplies are classified in three categories "small, medium and large". Like in real life, "bigger is better". At least regarding lower noise, better cooling capabilities and more power-headroom. 

Scalable to your devices needs, HPULN power supplies are further available in single rail (marked with "S") and dual rail (marked with "D") versions.


- parallel 'state of the art' regulators (LT3045) for high current, ultralow noise and ultrahigh PSRR

- High quality diodes (very low Vf, Vr) or controller based rectification

- High quality caps (Low ESR aluminium-polymer or low ESR aluminium reservoir caps)

- Very low TC resistors

- High quality potentiometer (Bourns, Vishay...)

- Low ESR aluminium-polymer output caps (A750 / OS-CON) chosen for best experience in audio applications

Small format

Medium format

Large format