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HPULN - High Performance UltraLow Noise Power Supplies


To provide clean and precise power to your audio-application

Power supplies "sound"! All electronic devices require electrical power to work, usually delivered by a power source with a very specific DC (direct current) voltage. An audio circuit's output signal consists to 100% of the supplied power (modulated by the input signal), including the interferences and disadvanages of the power supply. That's why especially sensitive electronics like audio circuits / devices benefit of a stable and low noise power supply - the quality of delivered power can make a huge audible and measureable difference in your hifi-equipment.

Make the difference - that's what the HPULN Power Supplies are made for.


Power supplies and transformers perfectly matching your audio application

Different formats of "High Performance Ultralow Noise" power supplies make it possible to choose a power supply matching the housing space and device's power need. With a variety of common used or individual voltages, MPAudio offers highest class transformers and precise ultralow noise power supplies, in order to get out the best of your high end audio setup.

The team of both, our power supplies and transformers, results in an easy to implement superb audible improvement.

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