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Questions or feedback?

Contact us!

With our FAQ&Blog and other information on our website, we want you to better understand our products and to make decision making as easy as possible for you. But we also understand, that customers have different understanding of electronics and individual setups - a second opinion can sometimes be helpful.

We absolutely prefer to clear all questions before a purchase to ensure, that the chosen HPULN module will bring you the expected improvement. For any kind of questions or feedback, where our FAQ&Blog wasn't helpful for you, contact us via the contact form or via chat, we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

For a better understanding of your question, please provide us also information like:

- Your application and the device, that you want to use our power supplies with

- Voltage and current need

- Important aspects around heat dissipation in your application, that can help us, to understand

  the heat dissipation of your enclosure for example

- Any other information, that you think could help us to support you



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